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Can Travel Nursing Help Address the Healthcare Demand Surge?

In addition to rising demand for qualified, experienced nurses in many current specialties, there also is rising demand for new and emerging nursing roles, such as care coordinator, health coach and other clinical jobs.

Travel nursing can play an important role in helping hospitals, health systems and other healthcare facilities successfully respond to rising demand, said Ralph Henderson, President of Healthcare Staffing at AMN Healthcare. AMN was one of the first institutions to record the surge in demand in mid-2014, which was eventually validated by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics this month when it looked back at 2014 healthcare job growth. In the short-term, nurse staffing companies can help provide for immediate need. In the longer term,  

 Travel Nursing Needs Risinghealthcare providers need to engage workforce planning by assessing both immediate needs and long-range concerns, Henderson said, by leveraging any analytics or predictive insights that are available. But many hospitals and health systems do not have that capacity, because they are so focused on patient care, he said. They may need to identify partners with strategic workforce planning expertise to help make informed decisions and implement strategies quickly, Henderson said.  

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