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4 Fast Facts About Rapid Response Nurse Jobs

By Melissa Wirkus Hagstrom, contributor

You may have heard about rapid response nursing, but do you really know what it entails? Besides offering quick start dates and some of the highest paying travel nursing jobs, there are several benefits that make rapid response nurse staffing a great option for nurses of all skill sets and backgrounds.

1. Faster starts, shorter assignments

"Rapid response is different because the facility reaches out to us when they absolutely need a nurse to fill a spot on a unit ASAP, or for special projects. They often expect someone to start within two weeks, as opposed to a few months with standard travel positions,” explained Cody Webb, senior placement consultant with NurseChoice, an AMNTravel Nursing Needs Dramatically Increasing Healthcare company. Rapid response nurse jobs are often shorter in duration, as well, ranging from 4–13 weeks.

“If a nurse doesn't have a job right now, they can call us. Because our hospital clients need nurses sooner rather than later, we can get jobs lined up in a very short timeframe, usually at higher pay rates than traditional travel nurse jobs.” Once connected with a recruiter, candidates will need to provide compliance and licensure documents quickly in order to facilitate the short turnaround times for some jobs.

2. Premium compensation and bonuses

Rapid response assignments are among the highest paying travel nursing jobs because of the acute need and quick response required. And great pay is just the beginning; combined with other monetary incentives such as guaranteed overtime pay for many assignments, sign-on/completion bonuses and referral rewards, these quick-start assignments can be very lucrative for nurses.

“The hospitals understand that they need to increase their pay rates, which gives the traveler the opportunity to make more money than they typically do on a standard travel contract,” Webb said. “Also, the hours are guaranteed no matter what--even if the hospital calls you off on your shift.” Some jobs guarantee 48 hours or more per week.

Even nurses who aren’t currently traveling can make some money by referring a friend. NurseChoice currently offers up to $2,000 for travel nurse referrals, but the bonuses may fluctuate depending on the nurse specialty and the season.

3. Personal and professional growth opportunities

Traveling to new locations, meeting new people and trying different regional activities is a great way to expand your personal horizons, and NurseChoice offers plentiful opportunities across the country. These short-term jobs also inspire professional growth and development as nurses learn new skills and gain valuable exposure to cutting-edge technology at top facilities. In fact, many of the company’s rapid response assignments are electronic medical records (EMR) conversion projects.

“We definitely have many EMR projects, and these are beneficial for nurses because it gives them project experience under their belt, and once they complete one, they qualify for them all,” Webb said. “My nurses all love the EMR projects because they can interact with many travel nurses going to the same place, it’s usually short term and higher pay.”

4. “Day One” benefits and generous reimbursements

When you accept a job and sign a contract with NurseChoice, you’ll qualify for an array of benefits including medical and dental insurance, life insurance, 401(k), professional liability insurance, and more--starting on the first day of your assignment. Most travel expenses are covered, as well.

“We offer more travel reimbursement than standard travel assignments,” Webb added. No matter how you get to your assignment destination, NurseChoice helps pay the costs with generous travel reimbursements which--depending on length of the assignment--may cover airfare, rental car expenses and other job-related costs. These travel reimbursements are typically nontaxable, but nurses are encouraged to verify their individual tax situation with a certified tax professional.

Additional benefits for rapid response nurses include free, private housing close to your assignment facility (or a housing allowance for your own accommodations), free continuing education units (CEUs), 24/7 clinical support, credentialing and licensing assistance, and more.

Search our extensive database of high-paying, rapid response nurse jobs with NurseChoice, or apply today to get started!

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