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Meet Maggie Marcelino: Recruiter Extraordinaire

Maggie MarcelinoMaggie Marcelino is the epitome of a happy person, especially when you ask her about her favorite part of her job as a nursing leadership recruiter for NurseChoice. Her mission is simpleher own trifectafind great candidates, provide excellence when working with the nation's most respected hospitals, and make sure that patients have the most high quality healthcare available anywhere. In addition, when she checks in with the nurses she places, she gets great satisfaction if they are happy and love their job.

When asked for her best tip for nurses interested in leadership positions at NurseChoice, she doesn't hesitate to tell her candidates that a great resume geared towards the position they want is the key to success. In her words, "this is your first impression for the facility, and you need to stand out."

Maggie obtained her tenacity and "reach for excellence" attitude by spending six years in the Army National Guard. In her spare time, she enjoys taking a variety of dance classes.

Valuable Tip from an Experienced Nurse Leadership Recruiter

In today's growing market, Maggie thinks that a nurse who gets her license in California can basically write their Maggie Marcelino Resume Imageown ticket. "There's great pay, and we have lots of opportunities across the state." In addition, she says that NurseChoice is happy to provide reimbursement for nurses who want to work in the state, providing payment for all necessary licensing fees and a licensing turnaround time of only about four weeks.

To learn more about nurse leadership jobs at NurseChoice, visit the following page. To connect with Maggie or any of the other great travel nursing recruiters at NurseChoice, call 866-557-6050

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