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5 Things Healthcare Facilities Need in a Travel Nurse Staffing Partner

1. Access to a large, diverse supply of QUALIFIED nurses

You’ll want to partner with a company who has a large network of clinicians. However, size isn’t everything. The experience level of the network must be top notch to ensure your quality of care remains high. 5 Things to Look for in a Nurse Staffing Partner

That’s where AMN Healthcare comes in. We have the largest network of qualified nurses in the nation, including high-need and hard-to-fill specialties. All AMN clinicians undergo rigorous screening and are provided with continuing education courses to ensure compliance at all times. Plus, 50% of AMN RNs have BSNs vs. 34% in the general RN population; the majority of AMN RNs have over six years of experience; and over 70% of AMN nurses are rebooked due to nurse quality and client satisfaction.

2. A flexible, cost-effective staffing solution

You may only need extra help for a few weeks out of the year, or maybe you need a much more consistent influx of nurses. Regardless of what you need when, your partner should be flexible and available when you need them...while staying within your budget.

Temporary staffing is AMN’s specialty so we always have top talent available when you need it, for as long as your require. Temporarystaff contracts can be arranged for the busy season, and when demand drops to typical levels, your facility can return to a smaller permanent nurse workforce. Plus, AMN hourly rates are competitive with the total cost of a FTE, so you can reduce OT costs and fill seasonal needs without additional hires.

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